E140ii - Clorofilinas

Aditivo: E140ii - Clorofilinas

Pertenece a:

E140 - E140 food additive

Funciones: Colorante

Chlorophyll d is a form of chlorophyll, identified by Harold Strain and Winston Manning in 1943. It is present in cyanobacteria which use energy captured from sunlight for photosynthesis. Chlorophyll d absorbs far-red light, at 710 nm wavelength, just outside the optical range. An organism that contains chlorophyll d is adapted to an environment such as moderately deep water, where it can use far red light for photosynthesis, although there is not a lot of visible light. - Wikipedia

Riesgo de sobreexposición

Evaluación de EFSA: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of chlorophylls -E 140i- as food additives (2015-05-07)

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