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¡Muchas gracias a los socios de Open Food Facts!

Open Food Facts es un proyecto asociativo y ciudadano de interés general para mejorar la alimentación y la salud de todos. Tens of thousands of volunteers are involved in the project, and the infrastructure needed to support and facilitate their work is funded by one-on-one donations and committed partners.

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Nota: para mantenernos independientes, no aceptamos el apoyo financiero de empresas y fundaciones relacionadas con la industria alimentaria, pero nos complace colaborar con los productores para integrar automáticamente datos y fotos de sus productos en la base de datos.


Salud Pública Francesa

The development of the Open Food Facts database and mobile application is carried out with the financial support of Public Health France .

6-12-2018: Public Health France and Open Food Facts join forces to strengthen the openness of food data and promote the use of Nutri-Score

Web Hosting

Free Foundation

The site and the Open Food Facts database are hosted on servers generously provided by the Free Foundation .

10-9-2018: 2 new servers to host Open Food Facts thanks to the Free Foundation

Colaboraciones cientificas


The Nutri-Score was developed by the EREN Nutritional Epidemiology Research Team which uses the Open Food Facts database to check the validity of Nutri-Score in different countries.

07-08-2015: Application to the products available on the French market of the nutritional profile associated with the 5-color system (5-C): consistency with the consumption benchmarks of the PNNS


NutriNet-Santé is a cohort study that tracks the nutrition and health of volunteers for several years. EREN uses NutriNet data cross-referenced with Open Food Facts data to study the long-term effects of food additives.

Participate in Nutri-Net to help research (For French residents).